2016 Speakers

    • Louise Phelan - Vice President of Global Operations for EMEA, PayPal

      Louise Phelan – Vice President of Global Operations for EMEA, PayPal 

      Louise Phelan is Vice President of Global Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa, PayPal. She leads 2,600 teammates in Dublin, Dundalk and Berlin, working together in a culture of collaboration, respect and innovation. Louise joined PayPal in 2006, when the company had 200 employees in Ireland. Prior to this, she was a member of the senior management team of GE Money,

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    • Brian Caulfield - Partner, Draper Esprit

      Brian Caulfield – Partner, Draper Esprit 

      Brian Caulfield is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a Partner at Draper Esprit, the leading European venture capital firm, and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to joining Draper Esprit, Brian was a partner at Trinity Venture Capital where he sat on the boards of or led investments in AePONA (sold to Intel – NASDAQ: INTC), ChangingWorlds (Amdocs – NYSE: DOX), CR2, SteelTrace (Compuware – NASDAQ: CPWR) and APT (CSR – LSE:CSR.L).

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    • Bill Liao- Co-Founder CoderDojo.com, EU.IndieBio.co, WeForest.org

      Bill Liao- Co-Founder CoderDojo.com, EU.IndieBio.co, WeForest.org 

      Bill Liao (born William Fu Wei Liao, 1967) is an Australian entrepreneur. He is a venture partner with SOSV and listed as an influential investor on Twitter. He is married with three children and lives in Cork, Ireland. Liao is a social networking pioneer,author,speaker and is engaged in not for profit work. Among his non-profit endeavours he is a CoderDojo mentor and

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    • Silviu Preoteasa- Growth hacker, Serial entrepreneur, Lead investor

      Silviu Preoteasa- Growth hacker, Serial entrepreneur, Lead investor 

      Technically-oriented entrepreneur, I find profitable ways of solving business problems! My background covers digital marketing (PPC, Online Media, Affiliates, Organic Search), Conversion Optimization, content generation and social media engagement, reputation management and fraud prevention. I top that with a 6th sense for spotting innovative mash-ups from data sources,

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    • Matthias Wenk - Marketing Operations Director, Ryanair

      Matthias Wenk – Marketing Operations Director, Ryanair 

      Presentation Title: What online can learn from retail Presentation Synopsis: Outlining the successful transformation of Ryanair embracing learning’s from the retail industry.

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    • Marc Mulligan- Outside The Comfort Zone

      Marc Mulligan- Outside The Comfort Zone 

      Presentation Title: Outside the Comfort Zone Presentation Synopsis: The presentation is all about overcoming challenges and fears. Marc encourages his audiences to be more self aware about the aspects of their lives which challenge them. He tells his own story from working in banking to his long recovery from brain trauma. He invigorates his audiences with his realisations about stepping outside the comfort zone, about how living within your comfort zone can become your worst nightmare and how living outside of your comfort zone strength...

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    • Niall Rooney – Partner with FP Logue Solicitors

      Niall Rooney – Partner with FP Logue Solicitors 

      Presentation Title: IP & brand protection – What marketers need to know Presentation Synopsis: Many legal challenges face brands and marketers in a digital world. This talk focuses on key practical points about intellectual property rights that will be of interest to everyone involved in developing strong ownable brands. Speaker Bio: Niall Rooney is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and brand law, working with clients in sectors including technology, media, food, drink and consumer goods. Niall is a partner with F...

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    • Elaine Lavery - Co-founder, Improper Food Limited

      Elaine Lavery – Co-founder, Improper Food Limited 

      Presentation Title: Innovating in Irish butter Presentation Synopsis: Using online to grow your business offline. Speaker Bio: Elaine Lavery is co-founder of Improper Butter.  Elaine graduated from University College Dublin with a 1.1. in Business & Law (BBLs) in September 2012. During her time at UCD she interned at Deloitte, Dublin (2011) and Goldman Sachs, London (2012).  Upon leaving UCD, Elaine turned down an opportunity to work in finance, realising she could not ignore her interest for food. She decided to take a gap ye...

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    • Arran Dowling-Hussey- Editor Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal of Ireland

      Arran Dowling-Hussey- Editor Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal of Ireland 

      Presentation Title: Current Legal Issues In Sales & Marketing Presentation Synopsis: Some thoughts on Online Dispute Resolution Speaker Bio: Arran Dowling Hussey is a practising Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator. He edits the Construction, Engineering and Energy Law Journal of Ireland. Arran is a former full time member of the School of Law of Dublin City University.

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    • Eugene Burns – Creative Director, Brandlogik

      Eugene Burns – Creative Director, Brandlogik 

      Presentation Title: Total brand experience - use your brand to grow your business Speaker Bio: I’m the Creative Director of Brandlogik the number one ranked Irish design agency on Google. I’m an experienced international creative director who has delivered successful design and branding projects for blue chip companies like Visa, BT and MTV Europe. I’m the founder of Brangento.com the tech startup that means everyone can build a great brand. See Brangento.com for more. I created the brand identity for Zurich Financial Services, led the team that...

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    • Paul McCann- CDG Brand

      Paul McCann- CDG Brand 

      Presentation Title: Luxury Brands, can we learn from them? Presentation Synopsis: Creativity is not a learned behaviour, it takes talent, imagination and self-belief. Engaging people through emotions, superior workmanship, and a luxurious aura is an art in itself. Branding goods and services delves deeper past wealth and opulence. Speaker Bio: 27 years of working in the brand and graphic design industry, with a Masters in Professional Design Practice and currently researching a PhD in Design Innovation in NUIM Paul Mc Cann embra...

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    • Pauline Kwasniak- Hotel4Meetings.com

      Pauline Kwasniak- Hotel4Meetings.com 

      Presentation Title: "How I built a business network in a foreign country" Presentation Synopsis: I would like to talk about my story: how I moved to Ireland when I was 16 years old (in 2005). How I had to built my life from scratch, going through school, to modelling, to event management, to a venue finding agency. Connecting with international hotel suppliers , and finally creating a new platform for corporat...

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    • Kevin Ennis- Digital & Social Media Marketing | Brand Strategy | Passion for great Design

      Kevin Ennis- Digital & Social Media Marketing | Brand Strategy | Passion for great Design 

      Presentation Title: “Embracing FOMO: Adopting new Social platforms for Business”. Presentation Synopsis: It’s often repeated that the worst reason to do anything in Marketing is because everyone else is doing it. Fear of missing out ("FOMO") can drive businesses to adopt social media platforms that don’t fit their objectives. However the constantly changing social media landscape means that early adopters can be best positioned to spot opportunities for business where none previously existed. Speaker Bio: “Since graduating from an M...

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    • Dermot O Reilly- Solutions Consultancy Ireland

      Dermot O Reilly- Solutions Consultancy Ireland 

      Presentation Title: Design Thinking meets Social Media Marketing. Presentation Synopsis: Many firms seem to jump into digital marketing as a series of platforms which must be filled with content. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They are a series of channels through which a company can define, deliver and capture value, enhancing their core product and creating an opportunity to add to the experience an organisation can create for it’s customers. Using design thinking and innovation tools, a company can create a strate...

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    • Jill Robb- Marketing Director, Origin Digital Ltd

      Jill Robb- Marketing Director, Origin Digital Ltd 

      Speaker Bio: Jill, Digital Marketing Director at Origin Digital, is well known in the digital arena as an online marketing expert and internet strategist. With a vast array of experience in ecommerce, social media and internet marketing, Jill's approach is both refreshingly energetic and commercially astute. Over the past 12 years Jill has worked with High Street retailers such as Levis Europe and Toys R Us as well as household names such as Johnson & Johnson and financial institutions such as Danske Bank, who have all experienced first-hand Jill’s ability to grow onlin...

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    • Dermot Bradfield- Director, Gepetto

      Dermot Bradfield- Director, Gepetto 

      I'm an experienced lecturer who brings debate, discussion and drive to the classroom. I teach in the space where I.T. meets Business. I'm also a co-founder at Gepetto, where we provide training for anyone who has a job that involves IT/WEB. We help you to bridge the gap between Technology and Business in an ever growing digital world.   My Presentation Title is: Digital Transformation - Getting the emphasis right   Presentation synopsis is: Dermot will clearly outline what is Digital Transformation, why its important and why its a significant challenge for the major...

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    • Kevin McParland- Executive Director, Irish Pubs Global

      Kevin McParland- Executive Director, Irish Pubs Global 

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    • Matt Glowatz- College Lecturer , UCD

      Matt Glowatz- College Lecturer , UCD 

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    • Randall Glick- Contract Lecturer, Digital Skills Academy

      Randall Glick- Contract Lecturer, Digital Skills Academy 

      Presentation Title: Growth Hacking vs Digital Marketing Presentation Synopsis: Randall will discuss some Growth Hacking principles and how they differ from standard Digital marketing tactics and strategies Speaker Bio: Randall Glick is the lecturer for Digital Marketing and mentors the Industry Partner Major Projects for the Digital Skills Academy. Randall has been working in online and digital in Ireland since 1999 and has worked with start-ups, SMEs, international a...

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    • Andrew Bradley – Director, Bradley Brand & Design

      Andrew Bradley – Director, Bradley Brand & Design 

      Presentation Title: Real innovation is brand led Presentation Synopsis: Everybody is busy trying to innovate. Those who understand how their innovation is relevant to customers have a better chance at succeeding. Andrew Bradley will discuss how best to understand what your brand stands for and how to keep it relevant to your customers. Speaker Bio: Andrew Bradley has been at the forefront of brand and design thinking in Ireland for over 20 years, proud to have created some household names. He is at his creative best when working...

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    • Elena Khrabrostina- Online Marketing Executive, Europcar

      Elena Khrabrostina- Online Marketing Executive, Europcar 

      Presentation Title: How Businesses Can Embrace Big Data? Speaker Bio: Elena is an Online Marketing Executive for Europcar in Ireland. Europcar is the number one car rental company in Europe, providing individual and business customers with a range of vehicles. At the age of 21 Elena moved to Ireland from Russia, she started working as a Business Development Manager in Visa First, part of the TaxBack Group, and then moved to a Partnership Manger role. She set up Visa First's Russian office and launched Russian-voucher.com which increased Visa First's ...

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    • Paidi O’Reilly – Innovation Research Fellow at Infant Centre, UCC

      Paidi O’Reilly – Innovation Research Fellow at Infant Centre, UCC 

      Presentation Title: “Four steps towards ‘selling’ the value of any innovation initiative” Presentation Synopsis: This energetic session presents an effective visual technique that is useful to organisations and teams needing to ‘sell’ the value of their innovation initiatives. It identifies four steps commencing with envisaging a shared future and ending with a validated powerful value proposition. The session demonstrates how the technique might be used by your team. Speaker Bio: Dr Paidi O’Reilly is a plain talking innovation ...

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    • Ross O'Dwyer - Pundit Arena

      Ross O’Dwyer – Pundit Arena 

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    • Frank O Grady- Systems Engineer, Analyst, Founder, Bottle Top Media

      Frank O Grady- Systems Engineer, Analyst, Founder, Bottle Top Media 

      Presentation Title: Creating a content marketing strategy for your business Presentation Synopsis: We will look at strategies for building a successful content marketing solution for your business. Retain, engage and acquire customers through professionally managed digital content. Speaker Bio: Founder of Bottletop Media, leading provider of content solutions to companies including Carphone Warehouse, Irish Examiner and Harvey Norman

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    • Gary Doyle- Programme Manager, Common Purpose

      Gary Doyle- Programme Manager, Common Purpose 

      Presentation Title: Common Purpose – Leadership Development “leading beyond authority

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    • Niall McCaffrey- Director, Ipsos MRBI

      Niall McCaffrey- Director, Ipsos MRBI 

      Presentation Title: Some  pitfalls and opportunities when using data to make business decisions. Presentation Synopsis: The abundance of data available to decision makers today can be overwhelming. During the course of this session, Niall will outline some of the pitfalls that anyone using data needs to be aware of when working in business. He will also take you through some of Ipsos MRBI’s research to help outline some of the opportunities that exist when using data in business today. Speaker Bio: Niall is Qualitative Directo...

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    • Jimmy Walsh- Founder and Chairman, Dara Creative

      Jimmy Walsh- Founder and Chairman, Dara Creative 

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    • Ciamh McCrory - Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online PR, Keynote Speaker & Communications Director, Insight Consultants

      Ciamh McCrory – Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online PR, Keynote Speaker & Communications Director, Insight Consultants 

      Presentation Title: Using Social Media as a Sales Tool” or “Social Media – the virtual sales rep that works 24/7 Speaker Bio: Ciamh was listed as one of the "Top 50 Irish People to Watch in 2015” by Lovin Trends and is a regular contributor to Irish press on digital matters. Former Director of Digital Education and lecturer in Social Media and Digital Marketing at the European Institute of Communications, Ciamh has extensive knowledge in training and education on all things digital. Providing in-house online media training, Ciamh has previously worked...

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    • Wayne Dignam- MD, Tender Team

      Wayne Dignam- MD, Tender Team 

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    • Brian Cochrane- MD, Dara Creative

      Brian Cochrane- MD, Dara Creative 

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    • Hugh Kelly - CEO, Associated Marketing

      Hugh Kelly – CEO, Associated Marketing 

      Speaker Bio: Hugh Kelly is a recognised expert in the field of international business and export market development. He is a former President of the Irish Exporters Association and Chairman of the IEA's Asia Trade Forum. He is CEO of Associated Marketing Ltd., an Export Management Company (EMC) that assists companies to enter and accelerate their sales in export markets. His market experience spans the Middle East, Far East, Australasia and Southern Africa while his sectoral experience covers both B2B and B2C. Presentation Title: Perfect Marriages in ...

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    • Ian Blake- Co Founder/Managing Director, Squaredot Inbound Marketing

      Ian Blake- Co Founder/Managing Director, Squaredot Inbound Marketing 

      Ian has led B2B sales and marketing functions in mobile telecom companies Three and Vodafone for the past 14 years. Whilst running B2B marketing for Three Ian implemented Inbound Marketing there where he experienced first hand the dramatic benefits and results it delivers. It wasn't long before Ian realised how Inbound Marketing could transform the sales and marketing function in other B2B organisations and so decided to set up Squaredot, a specialist Inbound Marketing Agency. Ian is typically involved in understanding his clients business, their goals, market and customers. He plays ...

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    • Marshall Kingston- Retail Brand Manager, Kepak Convenience Foods

      Marshall Kingston- Retail Brand Manager, Kepak Convenience Foods 

      Presentation Title: The Relevance of Branding in a Digital Age Presentation Synopsis: People and consumers have drastically changed over the past 30 years – some of that directly due to digital, some not. Ultimately, this change has overhauled the way people perceive products and services in their lives, with many marketers believing that brands will become less important as digital technology marches onward. In this presentation we examine the pitfalls of digital marketing and how it’s easy to forget that essentially marketing communication is...

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    • Daria Recker- Daria Recker Business Consulting

      Daria Recker- Daria Recker Business Consulting 

      Presentation Title: Sales transformation from call center to digital sales force with tips for SMEs on how to lead this transformation Presentation Synopsis: Features of traditional cold calling and sales models like SPIN, STAR, WIIM and BANT - Available digital sales and marketing options for company brand as well as professional brand establishment. Ways to promote using social and professional networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Viadeo) and which markets to attract bettwr - Cases of networking and trade shows for import/export purposes ...

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    • Colm Hanratty- Founder and CEO, Sixtwo Digital

      Colm Hanratty- Founder and CEO, Sixtwo Digital 

      Speaker Bio: Colm Hanratty is Founder and CEO of Sixtwo Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses get more from their social media and content marketing… by being social. Colm worked at Hostelworld.com for almost 11 and during his time there he won awards for social media and video production in Ireland, the UK and America, most notably Ireland’s only Webby Award in 2009. Since setting up Sixtwo Digital in November 2013 they have worked with clients across a wide range of industries including ding* (formerly known as ezetop), Digicel Bermuda, Homestay.com, T...

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    • Louis Grenier- Fighting bad marketing, louisgrenier.com

      Louis Grenier- Fighting bad marketing, louisgrenier.com 

      Presentation Title: 5 Things You Didn't Know About People (And How To Use Them To Increase Conversion And Sales Online) Presentation Synopsis: Did you know that a part of our brain is dedicated to recognising human faces? Or that we see things faster from the side than from right in front of us? Evolution has gifted us with some unique traits, why not using them to increase online conversions? Speaker Bio: Louis Grenier is fighting for businesses to practice good marketing. Good marketing is...

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    • Cathal Melinn- Digital Media Manager, Digital Marketing Institute

      Cathal Melinn- Digital Media Manager, Digital Marketing Institute 

      Presentation Title: Conversions & Attribution Modelling Speaker Bio: Cathal Melinn is responsible for all digital marketing and strategy for the Digital Marketing Institute. He is a highly experienced digital advertising professional with over 11 years in the industry, working in companies such as ICAN, Strategem iLabs and Yahoo! and with top brands including HSBC, Amazon, Apple, SPANX, Bus Éireann, Red Bull, Vodafone and Expedia

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    • John McGarry- Internet Services, Webworks

      John McGarry- Internet Services, Webworks 

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    • Gavin Gannon- Sales Director, Brandit

      Gavin Gannon- Sales Director, Brandit 

      Gavin is a seasoned sales, marketing, and campaign specialist. A career spanning over 17 years leading excellent customer engagement at every level academically, corporate or in the retail environment. Gavin has tuned his talents along the way with Industry leaders in sales, customer service, award winning inspirational brand marketing, seasonal advertising and campaign professionals.

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    • James Kavanagh- Currabinny

      James Kavanagh- Currabinny 

      Presentation Title: How I used Snapchat to launch Currabinny Presentation Synopsis: From having the craic on Snapchat to turning it into a full-time job. James will talk about how he accidentally fell into Snapchat fame and used it to launch a career. Speaker Bio: James Kavanagh has been hurtled into the public eye over the past six months due to his over-active, humorous Snapchat account (JamesKava). The 26 year-old keeps his viewers entertained with consistent scare Snaps of his boyfriend William, cooking demos, appea...

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    • Mark Haslam- Managing Director, Loud Mouth Media

      Mark Haslam- Managing Director, Loud Mouth Media 

      Presentation Title: PPC Advertising – A New Era Of Innovations Presentation Synopsis: PPC Advertising is much more than just Keywords with Google announcing around 50 new AdWords features in the past year. Mark will take the audience through new and innovative targeting techniques including Gmail Advertising, Custom Affinity Audiences and Customer Match. Speaker Bio: Operating as Managing Director of Loud Mouth Media, Mark has a wealth of online advertising knowledge and experience having managed Pay Per Click Advertisi...

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    • Sharon Tighe- Head of Social & Community Strategy, eumom

      Sharon Tighe- Head of Social & Community Strategy, eumom 

      Presentation Title: How to Gain Influence on 70% of all Consumer Spending Presentation Synopsis: Did you know that families with kids account for 70% of all consumer spending & 98% of moms are responsible for the majority of this spend? Even before baby, expectant parents are often establishing spending behaviours and brand loyalty that will continue as they raise their child. This presentation will outline how innovative brands & retailers can understand & harness this influence, with key examples from companies leading the way. ...

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    • Greg Fry- Owner, Careers Coach

      Greg Fry- Owner, Careers Coach 

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    • Paul O’Byrne- Head of Digital Strategy, TinderPoint

      Paul O’Byrne- Head of Digital Strategy, TinderPoint 

      Paul is Head of Strategy at TinderPoint, a Dublin based Digital Marketing Agency. He’s responsible for creating and building-out campaigns for clients across a multitude of verticals and geographic locations.

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    • Mary Power- National Sales Manager, Classic Hits 4FM

      Mary Power- National Sales Manager, Classic Hits 4FM 

      Speaker Bio: Working in a fast paced, target driven environment, I manage one of Ireland's most dynamic sales teams with responsibility for offline and online advertising sales. I also have direct responsibility over sponsorship's and promotions for both offline and online campaigns. At Classic Hits 4FM we have one of Ireland's most exciting and creative Management, Sales, Online, Production and Presentation Teams which are at the forefront of Radio and all the future has in store. We are consistently on the look out for candidates of a similar overachieving culture.

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    • Mark Strong- Managing Director, Wandering Eye Pictures

      Mark Strong- Managing Director, Wandering Eye Pictures 

      Presentation Title: Bad Reception:  The Role of Data and Digital in Entertainment Content. Speaker Bio: Mark Strong is managing director of Wandering Eye Pictures, a media group involved in TV & film production, publishing, digital content and a community of lifestyle blogs.  He has worked with a range of clients who look to redefine their content in the digital world.  He has worked with m4e, Framestore, Moonscoop Entertainment, MTV, The Cartoon Network, Foote Cone Belding,  J. Walter Thompson, WGBH, Artists Entertainment and All3Media.  In addit...

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    • Richard George- Director of Digital, eir Group

      Richard George- Director of Digital, eir Group 

      Presentation Title: Living Life on Digital - Rebrands, Capability & Culture Presentation Synopsis: Richard George speaks about the digital transformation journey that eir, Irelands largest telecommunications provider, is currently on, and what is planned next. Key areas of discussion include: The creation of a group wide digital strategy Engaging at all levels of the organisation The impact of a company rebrand on the digital direction of eircom  Speaker Bio: Richa...

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    • SAMUEL DENNIGAN- Founder, handyfood.ie

      SAMUEL DENNIGAN- Founder, handyfood.ie 

      Having worked in the food industry in Ireland and the UK for the last 10 years I have become a specialist in Retail, Wholesale, Food Service and the Logistics channels of ​food. I have worked directly with many major retailers and symbol groups and have a great insight into new product development aspects of food and the food business.  I have worked and developed small and international brands, both from concept and on an existing licensed basis. I have assisted in bidding for and been part of multiple major tender success with retailers, both from an ...

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    • Liam O' Callaghan- Commercial Director @ Global Reviews

      Liam O’ Callaghan- Commercial Director @ Global Reviews 

      Liam is Commercial Director at leading customer insights company Global Reviews . He has over 12 years’ experience in digital customer experience and digital marketing.  Through his roles with Global Reviews and Newsweaver Liam has worked closely with a blue chip client base including global leaders in banking, insurance, resources and sport.   Currently Liam works in helping companies with their online customer journey issues and the reasons why they are losing numbers of ‘in market’ consumers that they are spending so much money attracting to their digital properties.

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      I'm from an experience design background, and work somewhere where technology meets design. That is my day job. You'll also find me at industry events, local and abroad, centred around tech, design, social good and startup culture (combining all my passions). Travel is my home. I've come to know it through numerous travel initiatives, including co-founding a trade travel news publication that covered blogging, innovation and tech start-up trends within the travel industry and also promoted new media. Since then, I've created travel related video, photographic and written content for v...

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    • Lisa Gibbons- Marketing Manager, CaminoWays.com

      Lisa Gibbons- Marketing Manager, CaminoWays.com 

      Presentation Title: Digital Collaborations: Reaching your international audience. Presentation Synopsis: This presentation will focus on how to collaborate and see the bigger picture on the small screen. Collaboration can help us to connect with an engaged audience beyond our locality. She will give us a few quirky tips on how to increase organic traffic to your site via strategic collaborations without increasing your spend on PPC advertising. Speaker Bio: Lisa is Digital Marketing Manager for a number of successful online travel bra...

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    • Garrett Cassidy- FinTech Advisor and Innovator, MD Abarta Consulting

      Garrett Cassidy- FinTech Advisor and Innovator, MD Abarta Consulting 

      Speaker Bio: Driving FinTech innovation with startups and established financial services firms. I help startups and established financial services firms deliver real innovation by leveraging the deep knowledge gained from more than twenty years technology and business experience in the Financial Services and FinTech industries across payments, blockchain, capital markets, finance and operations. Specialities: Developing new strategies – at business, product and technology level Accelerating FinTech product launches by advising o...

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    • Brendan O'Malley- General Manager, Lero

      Brendan O’Malley- General Manager, Lero 

      Presentation Title: Grow your sales through software innovation Presentation Synopsis: Software is the primary source of innovation and competitive advantage in more and more industries, from telecomms to banking to automotive, as well as a huge variety of business services.

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    • Richard Corbridge - CIO, HSE

      Richard Corbridge – CIO, HSE 

      Speaker Bio: Richard Corbridge is an expert in healthcare strategy and technology recognized by his industry globally.  Since December 2014, Corbridge has been the Chief Information Officer for the Health Service Executive in Ireland and Chief Executive Officer for eHealth Ireland. He has been involved in the Health and Clinical Research Information sectors, leading various informatics delivery functions since the late 90s. Corbridge has a passion for business change and benefits management in health and very much insists on a focus on engagement and benefits being brought ...

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    • Liam Cronin- Associate Director Commercialisation ADAPT Centre Trinity College Dublin

      Liam Cronin- Associate Director Commercialisation ADAPT Centre Trinity College Dublin 

      Experienced professional with over 24 years of achievement across Microsoft product development, Internationalisation and sales & marketing, as individual contributor and team leader. Excellent interpersonal skills, with an approachable work style and a passion for customers care. Strategic thinker and innovator, with background in program management and team development (international and local). Experienced and comfortable, performing in large multi-functional teams or small high-impact teams in time-pressured environments. Lectured part-time @ Dublin Institute Technology teaching a c...

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    • Tiernan Reilly- Partnerships Executive at UNICEF Ireland

      Tiernan Reilly- Partnerships Executive at UNICEF Ireland 

      Presentation Title: Investing in the future – UNICEF wants to know what you believe in?’ Presentation Synopsis: ‘All children deserve the chance to be happy and healthy, explore their world safely, and reach their full potential. When children do not have a fair chance in life, significant inequalities emerge between those who have the most and those who have the least.

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    • Mary Cronin- CEO, Thousandseeds.com

      Mary Cronin- CEO, Thousandseeds.com 

      Presentation Title: Competing at Business Model Level Speaker Bio: Mary is an entrepreneur, business growth strategist and a technologist. She founded two successful businesses in the last eight years, and has over 20 years’ experience as a business growth strategist. Combining her innovation, technology and consulting skills. Mary works with corporates and SMEs to establish growth strategies and create scalable businesses. Mary is a recognised expert in design-led and innovation frameworks, and has managed multi-million euro budgets. Mary has e...

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    • Heather Thornton- Co-Founders, Along Came A Spider

      Heather Thornton- Co-Founders, Along Came A Spider 

      Presentation Title: SO YOU WANT TO MAKE A VIRAL? Presentation Synopsis: Guide to creating video content that people will want to watch. Along Came A Spider answers brands’ needs for expertise in creating popular branded video content. Heather’s background is in advertising, having worked at some of London’s biggest agencies including M&C Saatchi, Google and Wieden+Kennedy. Her business partner, Sarah, worked as a TV producer for both the BBC in London and RTE in Dublin. Having a proper understanding of both advertising and entertainment i...

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    • Edward McDonnell- Director, CeADAR Centre

      Edward McDonnell- Director, CeADAR Centre 

      Presentation title: Analytics at work in Marketing & Sales Presentation Synopsis: In this presentation Edward will introduce the unique market-driven approach of the CeADAR Centre and show examples of analytics techniques applied to advertising spend optimisation, customer segmentation, analytics of call-centre traffic, warm lead generation, and optimising customer offerings. Speaker Bio: Edward is Director of the CeADAR Centre for Applied Data Analytics (www.ceadar.ie). The Centre represen...

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    • Arno Gaultier-Business Development at A Inno Info & Festival Market Ltd

      Arno Gaultier-Business Development at A Inno Info & Festival Market Ltd 

      Presentation Title: Non-verbal communication at Fairs & Trade Shows: the first step of your sales pitch not to be missed". Presentation Synopsis: - optimise the surroundings; - common mistakes; - different strategies for different footfalls. Speaker Bio: "Arno Gaultier- Business Development Consultant at A Inno Info and Festival Market Ireland. Arno has developed 5 businesses over the last 12 years: 2002 Loire Cellar: retail of wine; 2005 Loire Valley Limited: wholesale of wine; 2007 A Inno Info: Consulting in Inn...

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    • Tapas Sen - School of Physical Sciences and Computing, University of Central Lancashire

      Tapas Sen – School of Physical Sciences and Computing, University of Central Lancashire 

      Dr Sen is an expert of Nano and Nano-biomaterials chemistry with more than 20 years research experience from development of laboratory scale to commercial product. He is the principal inventor of three Great Britain patents and has published more than 50 high impact peer review journal articles of his original work, two high impact review articles, two book chapters and seven articles in books in the area of Nano-biomaterials Chemistry.

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    • Dr Martyn Farrows-Centre Director, Learnovate Centre

      Dr Martyn Farrows-Centre Director, Learnovate Centre 

      Speaker Bio: With over 20 years' international experience in technology and learning, Martyn is now supporting the growth of the 'EdTech' sector in Ireland as Director of the industry-led Learnovate Centre. Hosted by Trinity College, Dublin - and with the support of Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and over 60 industry partners - Learnovate's mission is to establish Ireland as a global centre of excellence in learning innovation. Previously, Martyn has worked as an entrepreneur, expert consultant and government advisor on the use and deployment of technology to support learn...

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    • Dr Michael Phillips- Director, Product Innovation, ICON Plc.

      Dr Michael Phillips- Director, Product Innovation, ICON Plc. 

      Presentation Title: Data Science is good for mental health Presentation Synopsis: At ICON, we have created a standardised analytics template for the central monitoring of central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials, and we are developing ways of incorporating wearable device data into this template. CNS disorders present a growing disease burden, but CNS trials have a relatively poor success rate, in part due to the somewhat subjective clinician-reported outcome scales used to assess patients. Our ICONIK informatics hub has a scales rule engine that ...

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    • Tom Ryan- Contracts Manager at National Transport Authority

      Tom Ryan- Contracts Manager at National Transport Authority 

      Procurement professional with a Masters in Strategic Procurement - A creative dynamic team player who thinks in a cost efficient manner. Specialist vendor management experience with a proven track record of building effective relationships with stakeholders. Gained advanced commercial knowledge of expert procurement tools and knows the advantages of eProcurement and vendor collaboration to deliver long term innovative cost saving results. Category Account Manager with industry procurement experience in a multi-national environment, with a breadth of experience across a range of client indus...

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    • Simon Rees- Marketing & Clients Director, IDIRO

      Simon Rees- Marketing & Clients Director, IDIRO 

      Simon has worked in marketing, sales and CRM since 1986. Simon started his career in marketing at Cable & Wireless UK, in product management, product development, and project management roles. In Idiro, Simon is responsible for relationships with existing customers and for the marketing function. He also provides marketing consultancy to Idiro’s customers.

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    • Maurice Coyle - Co-founder / CEO, HeyStaks Intent Analytics

      Maurice Coyle – Co-founder / CEO, HeyStaks Intent Analytics 

      Presentation Title: Context is King: Knowing when & where to engage Speaker Bio: Maurice has over 15 years' experience researching and developing innovative collaborative search technologies. His Ph.D. research examined the nature of collaboration and social network effects in enterprise social search environments and community-based personalization in video sharing contexts, winning best paper awards at major international conferences and publishing over 35 articles during his academic career. In 2010 he co-founded HeyStaks with two research coll...

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    • Gavin Bluett- Solicitor, Lemann Solicitors

      Gavin Bluett- Solicitor, Lemann Solicitors 

      Gavin is a solicitor in Leman Solicitors’ Corporate and Commercial Department and is qualified to practice in Ireland, England and Wales. Gavin’s areas of practice include corporate governance, corporate structuring, corporate transactions, commercial contracts and advising Sports Governing Bodies on governance issues.

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