Arno Gaultier-Business Development at A Inno Info & Festival Market Ltd

  • Presentation Title:

    Non-verbal communication at Fairs & Trade Shows: the first step of your sales pitch
    not to be missed”.

    Presentation Synopsis:
    – optimise the surroundings;
    – common mistakes;
    – different strategies for different footfalls.

    Speaker Bio:

    “Arno Gaultier- Business Development Consultant at A Inno Info and Festival Market Ireland.

    Arno has developed 5 businesses over the last 12 years:
    2002 Loire Cellar: retail of wine;
    2005 Loire Valley Limited: wholesale of wine;
    2007 A Inno Info: Consulting in Innovation;
    2008 Zee Authentic: French Bakery, Food retail;
    2009 The French & Continental Market of Ireland: Event organiser, incorporated in 2014.

    Industrial Property Portfolio: 2 Trademarks, 1 design, 5 web domain names.

    From my business experiences, I have encountered many challenging times and situations which have strengthened my abilities: to solve problems (the bigger… the better!); to get overall picture of systems, large or small, for their improvement; to pay attention to relevant details; to manage limited resources and to work under massive pressure.

    Believing in individual equality, acknowledging and welcoming others’ quality, experience and expertise, experience of leading interdisciplinary teams and taking part in negotiations with multiple stakeholders.

    Great emphasis for Concept and Strategy. Strong numerical & verbal analytical skill. High sense of integrity. Broad multidisciplinarity: Innovation, Industrial Property, ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirit, Project Management, Risk Management, Crisis Management, Marketing differentiation, Business Development, Sales, Negotiations, Event Management, Urban Planning, Footfall Generation, Accounting, Loss Assessment, Legal.”




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