Barry Magee – Client Analytics & Data Transformation Leader, IBM

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    Barry Magee leads Client Analytics and Demand Generation for IBM Digital Sales in Europe where he works to put data-driven approaches to client selection and engagement at the heart of the sales and marketing process. With a deep commercial and analytical background Barry guest lectures in the IMI and UCC while pursuing a PhD in Client Analytics Strategies.

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    Combining Agile and Analytics to improve Next Best Customer selection and reduce time taken to achieve Sales & Marketing Pipeline targets


    Sales and Marketing either have too much or too little client data and using historic “behaviour” data can bring its own risks and limitations. Despite the great potential available,  the use of data and analytics approaches in sales and marketing can vary from being a ‘dark art’ to a ‘pray and spray’ approach with limited tangible results.  Learn how IBM has combines some basic agile principles with design thinking to bring real effectiveness to their own sales and marketing teams quadrupling lead conversion and dramatically reducing time spent to achieve pipeline targets.

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