Brendan O’Malley- General Manager, Lero

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    Grow your sales through software innovation

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    Software is the primary source of innovation and competitive advantage in more and more industries, from telecomms to banking to automotive, as well as a huge variety of business services. Yet the capability to effectively design, build and evolve critical complex software over time is rare and difficult to acquire. Over the last 10 years, leveraging the research expertise in Irish universities through the Lero research centre has helped numerous companies to grow their businesses. This presentation explores how to make such collaborations work, with plenty of real examples to show the way.

    Speaker Bio:

    Brendan O’Malley is General Manager of Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre, responsible for all the research support aspects of the Centre’s work. He heads up a central team that manages finance, operations, facilities, outreach, contracts and reporting, as well as the process of bidding for research funding in conjunction with industry and academic partners. His career prior to joining Lero was spent in industry and consulting, with a primary focus on managing innovation and technology. He holds an electrical engineering degree from UCC.

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