Ciamh McCrory – Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online PR, Keynote Speaker & Communications Director, Insight Consultants

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    Using Social Media as a Sales Tool” or “Social Media – the virtual sales rep that works 24/7

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    Ciamh was listed as one of the “Top 50 Irish People to Watch in 2015” by Lovin Trends and is a regular contributor to Irish press on digital matters. Former Director of Digital Education and lecturer in Social Media and Digital Marketing at the European Institute of Communications, Ciamh has extensive knowledge in training and education on all things digital. Providing in-house online media training, Ciamh has previously worked with a variety of organisations.

    In her previous roles as founding director of Genie Mc Communications, Ciamh worked with a plateau of clients across all industry spectrums and built a vast understanding of digital best practices.

    Ciamh is a regular key note speaker and presenter at industry events, seminars and conferences, including Local Enterprise Office seminars and the recent “Smart Business Show” and the Sunday Business Post’s “Swipe Summit”.

    Known in the digital community as Ciamhie Mc she brings a wealth of experience to Insight Consultants Online PR and Digital Marketing offerings and is recognised as one of the most successful digital influences in Ireland. Successfully running her own Digital and Communications agencies Ciamh has worked with an impressive array of clients from all forms of industries including government bodies, non-profits, film and television, entertainment and lifestyle, events, awards and festivals, tech start ups, sports, finance, fintech, legal and insurance, SME and multinational corporate organisations.

    Having previously worked with a number of government bodies, Ciamh has excellent knowledge in the importance of internal communications within the public sector. Ciamh has also worked with a number of clients devising customized Social Media Policies to avoid online crisis and uniformed governance of all messaging for brands.

    Throughout all previous projects, Ciamh’s understanding is that no two clients’ needs are the same when it comes to online communications and so Ciamh spends significant time familiarizing herself with the organisations’ operations to ensure that key messaging is correct, pre-empted, in-keeping with the overall communications strategy at most importantly, effective to engage the key target audience.


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