Daragh O’Byrne -Vice President Marketing at Nucleus Software

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    For 25 years Daragh O’Byrne has been working in the Financial Services application software market, focusing on ensuring that software provides tangible business benefits for customers, and that those business benefits are explained in a clear, concise and compelling way via an integrated set of creative marketing activities that generate results. He is always interested in new challenges, and focused on turning strategy into action, turning action into results in a co-ordinated way.

    Presentation Title: Overcoming the Imagination Gap: Using Storytelling

    One of the biggest challenges technology (software) companies have (especially those that operate in B2B rather than B2C and in international markets), is that software can “do” anything – its just a case of whether it does it “out of the box” or “with thousands of days of development”. Hence tech companies have to answer “yes / no” questions with variations of “it depends” answers.

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