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  • Presentation Title:

    Sales transformation from call center to digital sales force with tips for SMEs on how to lead this transformation

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Features of traditional cold calling and sales models like SPIN, STAR, WIIM and BANT
    – Available digital sales and marketing options for company brand as well as professional brand establishment. Ways to promote using social and professional networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Viadeo) and which markets to attract bettwr
    – Cases of networking and trade shows for import/export purposes
    – Instruments to empower sales team within company to increase leads acquisition and conversion

    Speaker Bio:

    10+ years in IT sales (B2B, B2C, OEM, direct, channel, BDM, customer acquisition, customer retention, HW, SW, Services) and Entrepreneurship.
    Inside knowledge through working experience of companies in SMB to multinational corporations. Knowledge of multiple verticals with concentration of IT sector.
    Multiple startup experience in different business fields.

    Mentor for Irish start-ups: http://www.startups.ie/partners/im-looking-mentor/

    Owner at: www.surprisinggifts.eu, www.pacepilates.eu, www.cleverbooks.eu, www.skills2fund.eu, www.start-up-booster.com, managing Partner at www.neuventure-global.com,

    Member of the board and owner at www.piai.eu,

    Member of the board and General Representative in Ireland www.souzconsalt.com


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