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    Design Thinking meets Social Media Marketing.

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    Many firms seem to jump into digital marketing as a series of platforms which must be filled with content. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They are a series of channels through which a company can define, deliver and capture value, enhancing their core product and creating an opportunity to add to the experience an organisation can create for it’s customers. Using design thinking and innovation tools, a company can create a strategy which will not just promote a product or service, but form part of an integral part of the customer’s interaction with the brand, building loyalty and advocacy on an unprecedented scale… Welcome to Innovative Digital Marketing!

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    Dermot has a background in marketing. He has a very diverse career, working in areas as polar as the supply of engineering products for the petro-chemical industry to the arts. He is an advocate of design thinking and innovation in his approach. In 2014, he became one of the founder members of Solutions Consultancy Ireland, a consultancy which specialises in bringing this approach to organisations, no matter what their size or function.
    He is a graduate of Kingston University, Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Dublin.


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