Dr Michael Phillips- Director, Product Innovation, ICON Plc.

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    Data Science is good for mental health

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    At ICON, we have created a standardised analytics template for the central monitoring of central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials, and we are developing ways of incorporating wearable device data into this template. CNS disorders present a growing disease burden, but CNS trials have a relatively poor success rate, in part due to the somewhat subjective clinician-reported outcome scales used to assess patients. Our ICONIK informatics hub has a scales rule engine that can process any CNS scale and enable centralised analysts to monitor both initial subject selection and ongoing subject assessment to improve methodological consistency and optimise trial outcomes. Data captured through wearable devices promises to transform CNS trials in the future by providing objective digital biomarkers. We are working with a cloud vendor to securely integrate data from wearable devices into ICONIK in real time.


    Michael Phillips works in the product innovation team at the pharmaceutical contract research organisation ICON plc, with responsibility for clinical informatics and advanced analytics. He has been at ICON for almost 5 years, working mainly in the business intelligence and informatics space, where he has delivered a number of strategic informatics initiatives through ICONIK. He believes that self-service informatics is a difficult but absolutely essential challenge in today’s culture of “big data” and information on demand. He recently published a book called “TIBCO Spotfire: A comprehensive primer” with PACKT Publishing



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