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    Eddie is an entrepreneurial business consultant with over 22 years experience in all aspects of sales, sales management and sales training. He specialises in providing real sales management expertise.

    Eddie’s core modus operandi is to energise sales teams, and their routes to market, using a proven structure, process and methodology to open new and existing clients, and extend and stretch the available accounts and markets.

    As a business consultant, Eddie’s experience extends to people, leadership and management development across any part of the organisation.

    Eddie started his career with Canon in the UK and after 8 years moved into a role as a sales consultant for Conduit Partners, a firm of consultants who specialised in expanding existing markets and sales.

    Eddie has experience in helping companies over-achieve their sales targets with a wide range of technologies and services selling into small business, selling through channels as well as complex solution selling at board level.

    Eddie is extremely proficient in accurate forecasting, high level appointment setting, how to hit targets consistently, managing yourself and pipeline; he has spent the last 14 years growing and expanding his unique, proven structure, sales process and methodology to help all levels of sales people, managers and sales directors to be more effective in every aspect of what they do.

    Presentation Title:

    Driving up sales performance in 2017


    In today’s fast changing, high octane world it is often difficult to keep ourselves performing at our best. This short over overview can likened to that of a car service; simply put, an oil change. A romp through the key aspects which drive our motivations and allow us to perform at our very best, more of the time, this practical seminar will not only energise your workday, but your life as a whole.

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