Gavin Gregan – Regional Sales Manager, Curtiss-Wright

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    Gavin Gregan is Regional Sales Manager, Rest of World, for Curtiss-Wright. Curtiss-Wright are the original Wright Brothers’ company and are one of the world leaders in Aerospace and Defence Technologies and are the original inventors of what we now refer to as “the Black Box” or Fight Data Recorders.

    Gavin is responsible for Curtiss Wright Sales for a territory spanning from Istanbul to Indonesia.

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    Sales Pipeline Discipline and Data Hygiene


    Whether you are a Start-up, an SME or part of a large Corporation, accurate Forecasting of your Sales Pipeline is a crucial discipline for the health of your business.

    The accuracy of the data which you track in your Sales Pipeline will influence your Corporate Strategy, your budgeting, your resource planning and even your hiring and firing decisions.

    In this talk, Gavin Gregan will share his experiences from the many company types he has worked with, from start-up to NYSE Blue Chips, and will illustrate that no matter the size of the company, the discipline which comes with Data Hygiene is a crucial element for the success of your business.

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