Gearoid Spellman – Founder & Managing Director, Vitalrate Wristbands 

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    At nineteen years old Gearoid Spellman set up his own business (Vitalrate Wristbands) from his home. By accident he noticed there was no wristband company in Ireland and felt it was a market with huge potential. He started by visiting sports shops all over Ireland selling club and county silicone wristband. Now seven years later he has a customer base of almost 200 retailers in Ireland and abroad.

    Vitalrate Wristbands is also the top online website in Ireland for a large range of custom wristbands.

    The story of Vitalrate showcases how to overcome struggle in the early years of business, how to innovate and grow a company from a very simple idea, and how to manage developing both a retail distributor and online business together.

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    Embrace the struggle and grow your business

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