Gina Miltiadou – Co-founder & Managing Director, Zahra Media Group

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    Gina is the managing director and co-founder of Zahra Media Group, founded in 2003. Gina has extensive experience in the media and publishing industries in South Africa, Australia and Ireland. She is an expert in strategic planning and the application of global best practices in communications. A few of her international blue-chip clients include The Australian Defense Force, Jaguar, Deutsche Bank, Aviva, SuperValu, MSD and ESB.

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    Making the Case for Content Marketing: Getting Buy-in from the Higher-ups


    With 70% of consumers reporting that they would rather learn about a company through content than through an ad, we know that content marketing works. It’s not a matter of whether to engage with customers through useful and relevant content, but rather how to get everyone on board with creating more and strategic content. In order to gain approval for your budget, you need your Senior Leadership Team to understand the importance of content marketing, especially for brands looking to lead the way in revenue growth, customer acquisition and thought leadership. Gina will share tips, pertinent stats and anecdotes from her 20 years of experience in creating content for blue-chip clients in Australia and Ireland.

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