Glen Westlake – CEO, BrightTarget

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    Glen Westlake is on a mission to help B2B marketers maximise their impact on pipeline and contribution to sales.

    As a senior executive, with his roots in technology, sales and marketing, Glen brings a unique vision to how modern B2B sales & marketing professionals can leverage data using AI and machine learning to accelerate both new business and customer account growth.

    Presentation Title:

    How Predictive Analytics transforms B2B sales and marketing effectiveness


    Predictive marketing is one of the most enabling technologies available and is becoming an integral part of the growth strategy for forward thinking, modern B2B sales and marketing professionals. In this presentation, we go beyond the hype to explain how it works and why it is perfect for B2B. We explore the four most popular use cases having the biggest impact on B2B sales and marketing effectiveness and ROI, supported by case studies and performance metrics.

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