• I’m from an experience design background, and work somewhere where technology meets design. That is my day job.

    You’ll also find me at industry events, local and abroad,┬ácentred around tech, design, social good and startup culture (combining all my passions).

    Travel is my home. I’ve come to know it through numerous travel initiatives, including co-founding a trade travel news publication that covered blogging, innovation and tech start-up trends within the travel industry and also promoted new media.

    Since then, I’ve created travel related video, photographic and written content for various travel brands. I often focus on destination marketing and campaigns, but I also combine travel with my industry experience to include tech and design related coverage. I am a regular contributor to Expedia and Skyscanner.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in the East, India in particular, where I’ve lived and worked as an expat. Other destinations I’ve visited either out of curiosity, by invitation from a tourism board, or through following one of my side-interests – yoga, snowboarding or kitesurfing.

    So now I work. And sometimes I travel. Sometimes I write or create (hopefully) interesting content. But in everything, I explore.


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