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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About People (And How To Use Them To Increase Conversion And Sales Online)

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    Did you know that a part of our brain is dedicated to recognising human faces? Or that we see things faster from the side than from right in front of us? Evolution has gifted us with some unique traits, why not using them to increase online conversions?

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    Louis Grenier is fighting for businesses to practice good marketing. Good marketing is about understanding people to provide them with what they need. It’s authentic, honest and relevant.

    He started Slices Consulting to fight bad marketing online. Their team of consultants help businesses to boost their online sales by making the most out of their website visitors (whether they want generate more sales or more leads).

    He recently launched Bootstrapping Works, a community where self-funded entrepreneurs can start and grow their business.

    He’s been fascinated by the power of Internet since a very young age and believes that the Internet is the missing link between our Brain and the Universe.


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