Marc Mulligan- Outside The Comfort Zone

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    Outside the Comfort Zone

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    The presentation is all about overcoming challenges and fears. Marc encourages his audiences to be more self aware about the aspects of their lives which challenge them. He tells his own story from working in banking to his long recovery from brain trauma. He invigorates his audiences with his realisations about stepping outside the comfort zone, about how living within your comfort zone can become your worst nightmare and how living outside of your comfort zone strengthens your focus, your decisiveness and your confidence. Everything you want is waiting for you just outside of your comfort zone.

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    Marc Mulligan delivers the inspirational and motivational presentation: Outside the Comfort Zone. This presentation was inspired by Marc’s struggle to recover from brain trauma which left him unable to work for two years. He realised that we stagnate inside of our comfort zones and we thrive outside of our comfort zones. Marc’s passion is understanding fear, how to overcome it and how by overcoming it we open up a world of possibilities and stretch our boundaries. Step outside your comfort zone today. For more information visit




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