Mark Stewart – Digital Strategist, Digital Chief

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    Mark has spent the last ten years working in start-ups and small successful businesses. He has lived and worked in Argentina and Spain, before stopping off in London for a couple of years on his return trip to Ireland. Through his work in the publishing industry and website design he has had the opportunity to work closely with a wide variety of business in numerous different industries. He has a natural curiosity in social behaviour and is constantly improving on tactics to make marketing more personal.

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    The Intimate email and how to pull it off


    Mark will have a look at email marketing and how to make it personal from both the sender’s and the receiver’s perspectives. It is time to start sending mailshots that might actually get read. We will have a look at how to make a newsletter or ezine relevant for your existing and potential new customers. We will also have a look at the importance of allowing some personality and even your own human weakness shine through instead of the usual corporate speak that sends a reader to sleep.

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