Marshall Kingston- Retail Brand Manager, Kepak Convenience Foods

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    The Relevance of Branding in a Digital Age

    Presentation Synopsis:

    People and consumers have drastically changed over the past 30 years – some of that directly due to digital, some not. Ultimately, this change has overhauled the way people perceive products and services in their lives, with many marketers believing that brands will become less important as digital technology marches onward. In this presentation we examine the pitfalls of digital marketing and how it’s easy to forget that essentially marketing communication is about how people interact with products emotionally. In the race to tick a list of required channels and create ‘sharable content’, many brands are still forgetting that the principles of branding still apply in delivering a brand to an online audience. Ironically, to build the consumer brands of the future, today’s digital marketers will probably have to learn a lot from the ad giants of the past.

    Speaker Bio:

    Creator, Storyteller and Passionate Marketer.
    For the past 5 years Marshall has worked with some of Irelands most recognisable FMCG brands, delivering award winning campaigns and innovation in a continually challenging environment. Whilst delivering large scale projects, Marshall has also worked with small Irish designers and digital start-ups to develop new marketing strategies and powerful brand stories.


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