Maurice Coyle – CEO, HeyStaks AI Marketing

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    Maurice has spent the past 15 years developing innovative technology to personalize online experiences, first as part of his Ph.D. research and since 2008 as part of HeyStaks. Helping people find what they are looking for while respecting their privacy and user experience are joint goals of Maurice’s work.

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    Fewer, better ads. How respectful, relevant advertising creates a win-win-win situation


    Online advertising is in a downward spiral, where poor targeting, high frequency and obtrusive ad formats are causing people to install ad blockers. This means advertisers have to deliver more ads to even less relevant audiences to generate revenues, which further escalates the use of ad blockers. The majority of people recognise that advertising is necessary for a free Web and they use would consider turning off their ad blockers if their experience was not negatively affected. In this talk, we describe how delivering fewer ads to more relevant audiences by understanding their intent and preferences means a better end user experience, higher revenues for publishers and a better return on investment for advertisers.

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