Melissa Curley – Founder, SocialBee

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    Melissa is a secondary school teacher turned entrepreneur. She created her business, SocialBee, because she had the lofty notion that people needed more opportunities to socialise and connect in meaningful ways. SocialBee is a niche service with a huge imagination. It has grown to become a successful corporate events service, specialising in the beautiful and timeless occasion of the Afternoon Tea party. The youngest in a family of ten children, and a dedicated globe wanderer, Melissa has sought out social connection wherever she has gone, and believes it is key to our wellness and wellbeing, as well as to our business health.

    Topic : Let’s connect and Grow our Social Networks


    Synopsis : The strength and power of your social networks is your most valuable asset in business today. ”Competitive edge in business is won by improving relationships.” It doesn’t matter whether you are building social tribes online, or forging relationships offline, what matters is that you are creating networks.


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