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    Nothing gets past Nikolay. As Chief Content Officer and General Counsel at PressReader, that’s a good thing. His attention to detail and complete knowledge of the tech and publishing industries have helped turn PressReader into a truly global business with a brand new office in Dublin.

    Nikolay believes in the power of storytelling. He also knows how people think about, read, and share stories in the digital world. He makes PressReader work the way people want it to. Capitalizing on opportunities that others don’t even see, Nikolay leads the industry with strategic vision and insightful commentary.

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    Connecting People Through News

    The path to building the world’s largest, most immersive digital platform for newspapers and magazines was long, winding, and uncharted. Let’s dig into the challenges of building a successful tech company with actual profits in a world that demands immediate responses, free entertainment, and unlimited connectivity. Let’s focus on getting the right content in front of the right audiences at the right time through the right channels for the right price.

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