Paul Byrne-CEO, Currency Fair.

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    How to grow and scale a technology business, whilst dealing with currency uncertainty:
    Paul Byrne has started, led, and scaled 4 software businesses, the first in Ireland and the last 3 in the US.These businesses all delivered consistent high revenue growth and profitability with liquidity events each delivering returns significantly greater than market norms.
    His last US venture was Cadency, a profitable SaaS workflow and finance automation business which grew revenue bookings 100% year-over-year for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 whilst increasing headcount to 250 people at exit.This success led to the acquisition of a majority stake by Vista Equity Partners in October 2015 for a significant valuation multiple, at which time he elected to sell all his equity and relocate full time back to Dublin.
    Like all serial entrepreneurs, retirement wasn’t for him and he recently invested in Currency Fair, a business which provides consumers and small businesses with access to exchange rates for making international payments normally only offered by banks to large businesses.
    In addition, working with Enterprise Ireland, Frontline Ventures, and the Commissioner for Startups he provideshands-on guidance, and mentorship to high-growth ambitious software companies seeking to “Accelerate Success” and being relevant globally.
    His approach to “Accelerating Success” is based on a culture driven and experience based operating model and playbook he designed and refined over his 20-year careerscaling businesses with global ambition.
    Paul will share some insights on his approach to building high-growth technology businesses as well as provide some feedback from the currency market coal face through his experience with CurrencyFair.

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