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    Phil La Duke is an internationally renowned executive consultant, safety expert, speaker, blogger, trainer, and business author. He has over 225 published articles in print.  La Duke speaks extensively on organizational change and worker safety. He frequently guest lectures at universities including presentations at Tulane, Loyola,  the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, and Wayne State Universities. Mr. La Duke is the author of a popular weekly blog on performance assurance topics He also guest blogs on the popular Australian blog and the prestigious

    Phil La Duke has over 225 published works in print and has contributed content to numerous notable magazines and is published on all inhabited continents. Mr. La Duke’s take-no-prisoners style garnered him positions on Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) magazine’s Power 101 (a list of the world’s most influential people working in worker safety) and its list of Up and Comers in Safety Thought Leadership.

    Most recently La Duke has focused his attention on business improvement topics.

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    Why Won’t My Customers Call Me Back


    Nothing is more frustrating that preparing a proposal only to have it linger in limbo.  You call the customer who told you that the project was urgent and imminent but he or she never calls you back.  This session will give reasons that may explain why your customer seems to be ignoring you.


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