Ramune Rubinaite – Marketing Manager, IG Ireland

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    In 2016, Ramune was named amongst the top 100 marketing professionals in Ireland by Business & Finance magazine. A strong analytical mind with a creative problem solving ability and broad international experience, she develops effective marketing campaigns with rapid results. She joined IG in 2014, and has been instrumental in driving the company’s rise to being a dominant provider of financial derivatives to the retail public in Ireland.

    Prior to IG, Ramune held roles with a leading Scandinavian ad-tech company, the chamber of commerce, and within the diplomatic world of embassies. Ever eager to ensure she is top of her game, she has a BA in Journalism from Vilnius University, an MSc in Marketing & Management from Stockholm School of Business, and is currently completing a degree at Harvard University. Ramune is also a mentor for the LT Big Brother/Sister programme, where she provides guidance to up and coming people with Lithuanian connections.

    Presentation Title:

    From Nike to Netflix and in Between: Marketing Tricks from Global Pros


    The concept of marketing is easy to grasp but nearly impossible to master. Many think they’re good at marketing but, in reality, very few really get it. During her presentation, Ramune will take a closer look at some of the world’s top companies to see what makes them stand out from the crowd. She will also address some marketing blunders that big brands would rather forget. Ramune’s analysis is based on the case studies she discussed during her studies at Harvard University.


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