Rodolfo Melogli – Owner, Business Bloomer

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    Author, Speaker, Web developer and Internet marketer, Rodolfo Melogli founded his own Web Agency in 2011.

    During these 6 long years, Rodolfo has established himself as a worldwide Digital marketing and WordPress expert, and today he freelances with small-to-medium businesses to troubleshoot, fix or improve their website.

    Rodolfo is the organiser of the Dublin Ecommerce Meetup & the Dublin WordPress/WooCommerce Meetup. He enjoys interacting with people, hiking, travelling, running on the beach and chasing tennis & soccer balls.

    Presentation Title:

    From 0 to 274,843 website visitors: the laws of Content Marketing


    Growing your website traffic exponentially is NOT easy. However, by reverse engineering 5 years worth of analytics, by understanding how Business Bloomer went from 0 to almost 300k/year website hits, and by studying patterns, spikes and trends – you will get a condensed view of the “laws of content marketing”: real, actionable, helpful, valid website marketing tips to increase your website traffic without paying a single € in online advertising and SEO.

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