Ronan Higgins – CEO, TVadSync

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    Ronan Higgins is co-founder of TVadSync a leading player in the “TV to digital” cross-screen marketing and attribution arena.  Ronan has worked in digital technology since the early days of the Internet and has 5 startups under his belt.  He was drawn back to digital marketing when he saw a way for television to become part of the digital conversation after 70 years of broadcast advertising.

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    TV viewing data and omnichannel marketing attribution


    Recent advances in television technology have enabled collection of TV viewing data similar to web and app data collection.  This opens up an array of applications, most notably the potential to attribute sales to both television media investment and digital media investment.  Similarly, advances in purchase and transactional data collection and location visit data offer the potential to connect the dots between TV, digital, online and offline sales.  This session will do a deep dive into the latest advances in omnichannel  attribution.

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