We are a new Irish Online and Mobile Bicycle Sales, Repair and Rental company. Currently we have 12 different bicycle brands, over 20 accessory brands and are working extremely hard to get our business established. We are experts in custom bike building and for anyone thinking of making some changes to their current bicycle or upgrading to something a little better, this is what we specialise in.

Some of the services that we provided include the following:
•             Bicycles, Accessories and Clothing
•             Custom and Corporate Bikes
•             Cycle to Work Scheme
•             Bicycle Maintenance and Youth Groups
•             Bicycle Rentals and Delivery

The service that we offer is different to other companies currently within the market. We provide our customers with an experience every time and never treat any sale as a transaction. We aim to make each experience as simple as possible. Meeting with customers who are within proximity to us, at times which suit them and go through the options of bikes and accessories. As well as new bicycle sales, customers looking to have their current bicycle serviced can organise for us to drop out to their home or workplace and carry out repairs on the spot.

We established the business 8 months ago, opening a pop-up shop within our community which operates on a weekend basis, located in the Red Stables in St. Annes Park, Raheny, Dublin 5. Cruisefix offers a personalised service as Monday-Friday, we are here to assist you through the entire sales process. We can be contacted through all of our channels during the day time, evenings and weekends. Check out our website

Some of our suppliers include:


Conact Details:
Courtney Doherty
Mobile: 085 284 5007