The GRCTC is an innovative, industry-championed Research Centre focused on making Regulatory Engagement work better, thereby reducing complexity and cost, mitigating risk, creating operational efficiencies and enhancing business performance.
Irish Government-backed and supported (Enterprise Ireland & the IDA); the only Technology Centre focused on delivering smarter GRC ‘FinTech/RegTech’ solutions in Financial Services.
Hosted by UCC and Academically Partnered with NUIG/Insight & UCD, the Centre is ‘In the Industry, for the Industry,’ where its Industry championed research programme directly supports the Irish Government’s International Financial Services Strategy (IFS 2020).
The GRCTC is developing semantic technologies to help solve the regulatory compliance and risk management challenges facing the industry, through its multi-disciplinary team, including:
Legal Experts
Knowledge Engineers
Computer Scientists
Software Engineers
The pace and complexity of financial regulation and enforcement represents an exponentially growing cost to the Industry, who must adapt business models and drivers in order to remain compliant and competitive, which presents the ‘must fix’ problem that the Centre is helping the Industry address, through:
Systematically unpacking the complexity of multi-jurisdictional and multi-layered regulations.

Developing GRC policies and processes structured to ingest regulatory obligations comprehensively and consistently
Implementing regulatory change in a cumulative and orderly fashion
Establishing standardised data structures to enable meaning to travel with data.
Creating the ability to benchmark capabilities and facilitate knowledge accumulation, transfer and training.