IRIS creates stunning images that are breathtaking. We utilise the latest in drone and photographic technology to produce ultra-sharp  aerial images. Combine this with the flying expertise from our CAA licensed drone pilots, professional camera operators utilising a dual operation system, the results are simply stunning.With a fleet of over 15 drones we can operate on multi locations 



With “Permissions for aerial work” granted by the CAA, IRIS provides remote controlled aerial filming services. We fly using various aerial camera platforms which are state of the art, providing ultra-smooth, full HD imagery. IRIS pilots are fully trained and insured with safety being the primary focus of any aerial work undertaken.



IRIS has invested in the best quality aerial platforms (7 aerial platform systems). We are unique in the area of thermal imaging and are one of the only operators in this field with thermal imaging ground and aerial work, capable of assessing the energy efficiency of commercial or domestic premises.  With our FPV (first person view) technology, we are able to stream live footage from the aerial platform to the ground, enabling our pilot and clients to see what the camera sees and also adjust the pan and tilt direction of the cameras to keep the subject perfectly in shot. 



IRIS is at the forefront of drone development and innovation from drone capture to drone  rescue development and will  have several projects going to market in the next few months.


We can advise clients which shooting angles we feel will work best. Upon hiring us we will visit your site and quote on the imaging capture you require, so you get value for money.