SpeedAuthor Software Limited

SpeedAuthor is an Irish based document authoring and content management solution provider. Our solutions are used to create a wide range of bespoke documents such as sales proposals, bids, HR documents, commercial contracts, standard letters and much more. SpeedAuthor is used in the ICT, banking and legal sectors.
We specialise in –
Enabling users to easily create consistent and great looking documents.
Corporate content management with expiry controls, reporting and content structure advice.
Professional services including sales / bid proposal training, process design and benchmarking and corporate style-guide.
SpeedAuthor allows users to focus on specific customer issues and requirements rather than on document formatting, styles, numbering, TOC etc.
Our solution integrates with MS Word and Salesforce / CRM tools allowing documents to be saved directly into Salesforce / CRM. Information can be automatically extracted to populate documents.
We work closely with you to help improve your customer experience and make your team more productive and effective and we pride ourselves on our fantastic support and engagement.
With SpeedAuthor you can create documents anywhere, anytime on any device.
Payback can be measured in months rather than years.
For more information visit http://www.speedauthor.com/