Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG)

Since TSSG’s foundation in 1996, it has become an important catalyst for driving economic change in the South East Region of Ireland, transforming brilliant research ideas into start-up companies. TSSG, ICT centre of excellence, currently consists of over 100 research scientists and engineers, and manages an active international network in excess of 450 partners from industry, academic and research institutes spread across 35 countries worldwide.

TSSG’s four key prioritised technical research areas include Mobile Platforms and Services, Security Privacy and Identity, Data Analytics and Social Computing, and Adaptive Networks and Services. Over the past five years TSSG has delivered innovative solutions to over 110 Irish companies, and has created 16 spin out companies in Ireland including the award winning FeedHenry, a ground breaking mobile cloud platform company and ZolkC, a leading provider of mobile technology for international visitor attractions and KodaCall, a new ‘Click to Call’ Technology