iGeotec is a spin-out company from Maynooth University, Ireland. We specialise in developing solutions that sync multiple different data sets into cloud-based platforms that are easy to use for decision makers. For example, our Ubipix platform syncs video, GPS and map data where engineers can use our free Smartphone App to record videos of their outdoor work surveys. Back in the office engineers can upload their video to our cloud platform where they can check safety aspects, tag defects, highlights areas for maintenance and produce safety or audit reports.  Applications include road safety inspections, new road design, infrastructure conditions assessments (e.g. powerlines and pipelines), before and after assessments and environmental impact assessments. This video survey data can be categorised according to projects and can be readily shared with colleagues anywhere in the world. Key benefits of Ubipix include 1) time saving – the data is captured once and can be viewed many times, reducing the need for site visits, 2) cost saving – the data is more accurate than traditional manual data collection methods hence reducing errors, 3) improved safety – engineers can take accurate video surveys without having to leave their work vehicle. A key Irish client includes Transport Infrastructure Ireland.